3-D weaving from one of our workshops, mage by Jenni Young

3-D weaving from one of our workshops, made by Jenni Young

Forthcoming Events

Non-members are very welcome at all workshops, if space permits, contact us to make a booking, or become a member.

Programme 2017-18

May 27th – Workshop – Back to Basics carding of short fibres and long-draw spinning for woollen yarn and/or combing of longer fibres and short draw spinning for worsted yarn with Eleanor Lusby.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee).

June 17th – Do your own thing day and/or option to have further spinning with Eleanor, as above.

June 23rd-24th – Woolfest, Cockermouth.

July 22nd – Workshop – Inkle Loom weaving.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee).

July 28th-29th – Border Union Show, Springwood Park, Kelso. Members’ works on display and demonstrations.

August 19th – Broughton Gathering 10-4 (Annual meet up of the South Scotland Guilds in Broughton)

August 26th – Workshop – Continental style and Backwards knitting techniques with Ruby Tulloch.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee), bring your own yarn and needles.

September 23rd – Workshop – Tunisian crochet with Ruth Churchman. Recap of last years workshop for those that missed it, and further Tunisian Crochet stitch patterns and techniques.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee), and materials/equipment charge or bring your own.

October 28th – Workshop – Eco Printing with Eve Studd of Cornhill Crafts. Using natural dyes and outlines of plants/leaves to directly print on fabric.
Booking required – members £20, (non-members £20 + £5 day fee), and materials charge.

November 25th – Workshop – Soft weaving with rushes/grasses.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee).

December 17th – Christmas Gathering – bring lunch and Christmas goodies to share.

January 28th – Project finishing day and de-stash sale

February 25th – Workshop – Acid Rainbow Dyes with Mary Watt.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee), and materials charge.

March 25th – Workshop – Hooky Rugs with Chris Steele.
Booking required – members £5, (non-members £5 + £5 day fee), and materials charge

April 28th – AGM and talk

Previous workshops


Back strap weaving
Tunisian crochet
Spinning fancy yarns with Sky Blue Pink.
Nalbinding (Viking knitting technique)
Felt an Easter bunny

Flax spinning wheel

Double treadle flax spinning wheel made by John Leitch of Galashiels in 1795, lovingly restored from 80% woodworm by Rod Grant




2 Responses to Calendar

  1. Sandra Hay says:

    Hi. I mistakenly turned up at Bowden expecting the Guild coffee morning. I very stupidly didn’t notice the tbc in the schedule. I was really hoping to bump into some of the members as I would love to join your guild. Can I just come along to the next meeting? I notice the Yarndale event is the next day and wondered if it was too late to express interest in going to that?
    Kind regards
    Sandra Hay


    • tgwsdadmin says:

      Hi Sandra, So sorry you turned up and it wasn’t on, hope you didn’t come far. I didn’t make it along to our meeting at the end of August, and maybe the coffee morning cancellation was announced then, sorry the website hadn’t been updated. I’m not sure about the Yarndale trip, it’s a bit of an informal thing, again one I can’t go to. I suggest emailing Maggie Magee, our Secretary, mag.mageeATbtopenworldDOTcom, for arrangements. Or come along to the meeting on 26th Sept, which is definitely happening, and find out arrangements then. Kind Regards.


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