Fleece embroidery by Shirley Shaw

Fleece embroidery by Shirley Shaw

As from 1 April 2019 information relating to the Tweed Guild could be found on https://www.wsd.org.uk/

We are a group of people who meet on a regular basis to share the skills, learn new techniques and enjoy the experience of creating textile based items.

We are a member of the Association of the Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers whose objectives are the preservation and improvement of the craftsmanship in hand weaving, spinning and dyeing for the benefit of the public and the promotion of public education in such craftsmanship.

Q: Do I need equipment or skills?
A: No, all you need is an interest and some enthusiasm. We can help you to learn skills or develop your own and we have some equipment which can be lent out to members at a small charge.

Slip Stitch cardigan knitted in hand dyed yarn by Shirley Shaw

Slip Stitch cardigan knitted in hand dyed yarn by Shirley Shaw

Q:  What happens at a meeting?
A: If we are not taking part in one of the workshops, we bring our own craft work with us – spinning, tapestry weaving, knitting, etc. We have a lunch break, followed by a Show & Tell session, with members showing what they have made, or sharing information about textile arts, followed by announcements. We continue with our work until the end of the meeting.

Q:  When do the meetings take place?
A: The meetings usually take place 10am- 4pm on the fourth Saturday in the month at Bowden Village Hall unless otherwise specified in the calendar.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A: Day visitors fee £5,  also if participating in a workshop £5-£20 fee (changeable by workshop) for non-members; or gain benefits by becoming a member – £15 per annum. Check our calendar for individual workshop costs and conditions.

Q:  Do I need to bring lunch?
A: Yes, bring a packed lunch. There is no food shop in Bowden, nearest shop is the Co-op in Newtown St Boswells. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available – 20p

Find Bowden Village Hall
By Bus
Buses 51/52,  stop at Newtown St Boswells, leave the bus at the stop nearest the Scottish Borders Council headquarters. It is about a mile walk to Bowden (uphill), or contact the Secretary about a week before the meeting to organise someone to pick you up from the bus stop. Most of our members drive this direction to Bowden, so it is no problem to pick someone up on the way, and someone will give you a lift back after the meeting.

By Car
Bowden Village Hall is in Bowden, which is on the B6398 from Newtown St Boswells.
If you are coming from Newtown St Boswells it’s only a couple of minutes drive to Bowden, and the Village Hall is in the centre of the village, on the right. There is plenty of on-street parking outside the hall.


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  1. Gillian Douglas says:

    Two fleeces available for uplift. Kelso area.


  2. joan martin says:

    Would anyone be interested in alpaca fleeces?


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