Felted Robin Workshop

A good project before Christmas. One of our members, Janet Armstrong, showed us how to make felted Robins, or we could make a mouse too. We all went for robins.

Janet had made a felt ball for each of us to base our robins on, and had made flat felt for us to cut out to make the robin.

Felted Robin workshop1

Felted Robin workshop2

We had to sew darts in the main body piece and then sew it onto the ball, leaving the head area unstitched. It was a bit of a walk down memory lane remembering how to do blanket stitch.

Felted Robin workshop3

Felted Robin workshop4

We stitched around the wings and attached them. Sewed the 2 tail pieces together, stuffed the tail and sewed it to the body.

Felted Robin workshop5

We stuffed and sewed the head and added beads for eyes and a black felt beak.

Felted Robin workshop6

Then we had to make wire legs, and wrap them with crochet cotton, it was quite fiddly:

Felted Robin workshop7

There was a bit of wrangling with a scalpel and a large pair of scissors to insert them in the body, you don’t want to see pictures of that, we all felt a bit sorry for the robins at that stage, and when we needled-felted their red breasts on. They all emerged looking chirpy and Christmassy though:

Felted Robin workshop8

Felted Robin workshop9

Felted Robin workshop10

Felted Robin workshop11

There was even a Chris mouse!

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2 Responses to Felted Robin Workshop

  1. Sandra Hay says:

    Can we please have the instructions for making the mouse.


  2. Soooo adorable. Love!💕


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