Border Union Show 2015

It was damp and cold at the Border Union Show on the last weekend of July.  You will notice from the pictures below how many people were wearing wintry clothing – and lots of sensible people had their wellies on!  Despite the inclement weather, it was a busy day out – lots of people bustling around, and lots of interest in our Tweed Guild crafts.DSCF7930 editedThere was some confusion as to where the show authorities were going to site us.  Various places were mooted, and we ended up at the far end of the industrial section.DSCF7926Tantalisingly the entries were all sitting behind chicken wire.  Perhaps some of this tasty jam would have gone walkabout otherwise?!DSCF7987

The Guild stands looked very attractive with lots of contribution from members, and a display of naturally dyed fibres on the right.DSCF7935Members of the Guild were on hand to demonstrate spinning …IMG_2616DSCF7951needle-felting …DSCF7950carding and weaving …DSCF7949There were spinning lessons for children …DSCF7963and adults.IMG_0965Meanwhile, outside the industrial tent, it got wetter and muddier …DSCF7982All things sheepy in other parts of the showground … DSCF7977judging sheep …DSCF7972prizewinning sheep …IMG_0949prizewinning fleeces … (oh how tempting!!)DSCF7975and even sheepy performers (a dedicated audience here … look at all those hoodies up!)DSCF7945The show was its usual mix of the traditional and the new.DSCF7980At the end of the day, the chicken wire came down, and the silverware was handed out.DSCF7983None for the Tweed Guild – but still smiling faces here!



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6 Responses to Border Union Show 2015

  1. Leonor says:

    I love seeing people spinning in public. I’ll probably be spinning at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace this October, so I hope there’s as much interest as there was with your event!


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