Nuno Felting

On May 23rd  Anna Turnbull (Biteabout Arts) joined us to deliver a Nuno felting workshop. Many of us were keen to learn this technique of felting onto silk chiffon.

We all did a small test piece first to understand the technique, then we had the opportunity to make a scarf.

Coloured fleeceLots of lovely coloured merino fleece for us to play with.

Nuno workshop1Red scarf blue scarf1
Red scarf blue scarf2
Nuno workshop2Laying out the fleece on the chiffon

Red and Black scarfFelting in progress

Danielle Ray decided to experiment with felting onto different fabric to see the effect and how well it worked. She tested plain cotton, cotton muslin, nylon chiffon, netting and voile, with varying results:

Danielle experiment1Danielle experiment2

Here are some of the finished scarves:

Ruth red scarfRuth Churchman’s scarf

Miranda blue scarfMiranda’s scarf

Liz Scarpa scarfLiz Scarpa’s scarf

Thanks to Anna for all her help, advice and creativity. A very enjoyable workshop.

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